Celebrate what goes right.

Enhance team
spirit and camaraderie

Engineer a Self-Organising, Self-Unifying Culture

Execute your strategy and enhance productivity

Unleash a competitive advantage that your competitors can't effortlessly copy

Reinforce your formula for success

Align recognition with strategy and strategy with people.

Performance Management
becomes crowd sourced

Here's how it works….

Celebrate whatgoes right

Create a culture of recognition. Negativity chokes the mind body and spirit. When positive recognition becomes a culture, employee engagement scores rise by up to 40% over stand-alone formal recognition.


Monetisable benefits

Recognizing and appreciating the efforts of your employees delivers quantifiable benefits to your business.

• 25% higher profits
• 20% less staff turn over
• 60% higher customer loyalty


Align recognition with your organizations vision mission and values

Recognise individuals for a context specific practice or behavior that is consistent with achieving the organizations shared common purpose.


Real time reporting and cultural analytics

Track staff engagement and connectedness real time. Cloud based analytics dashboard to monitor the pulse of your organization.


Harness the wisdom of the crowds

It's those that harness positive human energy that prosper. Unlock hidden value, identify key talent, and enable recognition to go viral.


Familiar user interface

A fully customizable user interface leverages familiar social media navigation and design logic. If you can use Facebook Twitter or LinkedIn, your training is complete.


Happy Employees rarely quit

Employees who feel their efforts are recognized are happier and happy employees rarely quit. Equity resides within social recognition.


Convert virtual recognition with offline benefits

Built in redemption engine to connect online recognition with offline rewards of your choosing.


Ease of setup

Setup your companies profile with PC and mobile access. Low cost per head. No IT Infrastructure or Software required.


Paperless system

On average cloud computing is 95% more carbon efficient, than on-premises hardware and software.


Profit for purpose

As a profit for Purpose Company, we are committed to transforming how organizations recognize their people. NGO's and institutions with a social purpose use our system for free. If your organization supports a specific charity or NGO, feel free to put them in contact with us.