1. Patontheback.org is a company with a social purpose.
  2. Our core activity lies in developing online platforms that leverage social media functionality to deliver enterprise-wide benefits.
  3. We are research driven, but it is not necessarily our research. We tap the wisdom of the academic and consulting crowds to confirm the basis of our commonsense thesis: People feel good when their peers recognise them in a semi-public forum.
  4. We are not backed by Venture Capital. It's our money. All of us share in the risks and rewards that come with launching such a venture.
  5. We are a profit for purpose business. This is what we enjoy doing. We love supporting the work of NGOs.
  6. Our services are distributed exclusively via the cloud, using the software as a service delivery model. A web browser is the basic technical requirement.
  7. Can subscribers be added and deleted? Yes,via the administrator dashboard. New subscribers will be charged at the prevailing price per user basis and billed upon subscription renewal.
  8. Can the service be turned off? Yes, just give us one month's notice in writing.
  9. Can we customise the look and feel to reflect your corporate identity better? Yes. Drop us a note and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements.
  10. Who owns the data? You do.
  11. How is the information secured?
    Our server is hosted at a data centre in Singapore. Industry standard security protocols apply. Additional requirements can be defined at the outset of a project or partnership, keeping in mind that trade-offs may occur in terms of latency. The server itself can have various addition levels of security options, from virtual hosted environment with chroot jails, to dedicated servers. We have a hot standby backup for all our clients. The number of concurrent users is defined in the service contract. If the server load increases exponentially during the partnership, we recommend going to a dedicated server environment if needed.